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Ability consults with employers to assess their needs to best match them with one of our qualified clients. We can also assist with tax credits, training costs, employee support and retention, and workplace assessments. All at no cost to the employer or employee!

Our Services Include:

When you choose Ability Employment Services, expect a collaborative and personalized journey towards meaningful employment. Our process involves understanding unique strengths and aspirations, crafting a tailored plan, offering skill-building opportunities, and connecting you with employers who value your potential. 

No cost job training

We take care of any extra training needs our clients may have, without any extra time or cost to you.

Work opportunity tax credit

WOTC incentivizes workplace diversity and saves you money. In our 2017 program year, we saved employers over $67,000 in taxes.

Employee support and retention

Ability is there for more than just the hiring processes and probationary period, we can assist clients for weeks, months, or years.

On-site evaluations

We take care of worksite, job, and task assessments. These results and findings help to streamline tasks to help our clients be more effective.